Made In Italy to wear Italian Gold jewellery A vocation that shines, a passion that the world admires. CATALOGUE Created to enhance your beauty Italian Gold jewellery Jewels must never overshadow those who wear them CATALOGUE We are Goldex, this means more Italian Gold jewellery Goldex has a strong team of people who work at their best even under pressure CATALOGUE Custom-made jewellery Italian Gold jewellery We turn your ideas into reality CATALOGUE

Tuscany around the world

Skilled goldsmiths forge, cast and polish metals; they choose and cut stones, in order to create timeless and unique pieces of jewellery.





Made in Italy guaranteed

When you choose Goldex, you not only choose a Made in Italy guarantee but also a company made of expert, kind and punctual people.
Gold Flex

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Every accessory is made of extra thin gold wires and strips, which are interlaced like silk threads.

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