Gold Flex

The utterly innovative idea behind the Gold Flex line is to use a tights-making machine in order to “knit” gold wires.

Hollow Rope Chains

At Goldex we are using the latest manufacturing technologies and machines, in order to produce our Light Weight Hollow Rope Chains.


Pendant chains

Goldex chains are perfectly matched with our pendants. They are extra thin and machine made in solid gold (this is why they can be so thin).

Hollow Bangles and Hoop Earrings

At Goldex we manufacture both hollow tube FLEX bangles and hollow tube rigid ones. We are able to produce any tube section you might need.


Endless hoops

Endless hoops (also known as ‘sleeper earrings’) are manufactured using a gold FLEX tube.

Laser cut

In order to realise laser cut jewellery, we start with a semi-finished product, that is a gold sheet which is subsequently laser cut.

microfusione da sostituire


We use the jewellery casting process to manufacture rings, pendants and bracelets. We start with a 3D digital model, either commissioned by our client or created by our designers.


At Goldex, we specialise in manufacturing lightweight stamped crosses, pendants and necklaces.


Crosses and Religious Pendants

Goldex crosses and religious pendants are manufactured using a gold sheet, which is pressed on the negative mould of the original model, applying a force that corresponds to about 300 tons.

Engagement rings

Goldex engagement rings are single or double to comply with the Anglo-Saxon tradition that says that you need to give two rings, one to promise you are going to tie the knot, and the other one to confirm the engagement.