Goldex international srl

About us

Emanuele Simonti, from Arezzo, is the man behind the idea of Goldex International. He has a cosmopolitan attitude and an international educational background. In fact, in 1999, he attended the Diploma in International Business in Brighton, in the United Kingdom.

While studying in Brighton, he used to spend his weekends in London with some college friends, and during his walks in Oxford Street he noticed that he was especially attracted by the jewellery window displays. He realized how much “Made in Italy” is appreciated abroad.

Arezzo is a town whose goldsmith tradition dates back to the Etruscan age, and this has led Emanuele to strive to play a leading role in the international jewellery and accessories trade.

Where did we start from?

From the bottom, for sure! Like this, we were able to develop our technical and practical skills by working in the goldsmith factories in town. Once the appropriate techniques were mastered, Emanuele was ready to start his climb to success: he began developing a know-how and a personal line of business that would have made him stand out.

That is how Goldex was born. The main focus of the company is to produce timeless jewellery. Our goal is not to stay up to date with fashion trends or to produce seasonal collections and pieces of jewellery, but to create everlasting precious jewels. Gold and “Made in Italy are the main features of Goldex jewellery.

The noble metal is at the centre of our creations and that is why we are always looking for new production techniques, ranging from microfusion to 3D rapid prototyping. Our collections are the product of the combination of classic jewellery designs with new manufacturing techniques: this is the secret to the accuracy and excellence of our precious jewels.

Our goal is to achieve higher and higher quality standards. We strictly supervise each one of the different steps of production, and we submit them to a rigid quality control, so that we can guarantee our clients a product that excels in its details and finishing touches. Our expert eye supervises every single step: from fusion to the finished product.

This is how rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, charms and necklaces with the Goldex brand, are created. We design all our creations by keeping in mind every woman, regardless of their character: from the romantic and refined style to the more discreet one, from the metropolitan taste to the gritty one, we cover everything.

If you love “Made in Italy”, you will find the perfect jewel in our collections.

When we design a Goldex accessory, our focus is always on the modern woman, who needs to be dynamic, unique and demanding without giving up on style. Our jewels are unique and contemporary, while being discreet at the same time. They are so versatile that you can wear them every day and at any occasion.

The design of our products aims at enhancing femininity in all its aspects: jewels must never overshadow those who wear them.

When you choose Goldex, you not only get a “Made in Italy” guarantee, but also a company made of people who are competent, kind and punctual. We are a strong team of people who work at their best even under pressure. Thanks to our manufacturing capability, we are well able to deliver large orders with precision and consistency.

At Goldex, we do not only create unique accessories, but we also manufacture exclusive custom jewels. We transform our clients’ needs and ideas into prototypes, which can then be used for mass production.

What is the secret ingredient of Goldex?

Emanuele is very passionate about his work and can transmit this enthusiasm to his staff and colleagues. That is why we are able to solve problems and fix mistakes quickly and efficiently.

Emanuele feels very accomplished in a company setting. He is the one who travels and brings Goldex everywhere in the world. His dream has always been that of internationalising his vision, and doing it in person.

As of today, Emanuele can say that he has achieved his dream, but we all know that those who are very ambitious always set new goals to accomplish…who knows what his next objective is, and what the future has in store for us!

Though we live in a digital era, we still believe in human relationships based on face-to-face meetings and handshakes. We don’t see digitalization as an enemy, but as an additional opportunity that can help us to do our job at our best.

In order to help you experience Goldex on the screen, we have updated our website. As soon as it is possible, Emanuele will be travelling again to show you our creations. Meanwhile, you can visit our website and read about Goldex and all that this company can offer you. Click here to browse through our catalogue!