Engagement rings

Giving a ring as a token of love is a tradition that dates back to the Egyptians, for whom it was a symbol of trust and a commitment to build a family with the chosen woman. During the Roman era, the bride-to-be was given two rings, a gold one which she wore in public, and one made of iron which she wore at home.

The symbology and the tradition of the ring have continued to the present day. The engagement ring is worn on the left ring finger because people used to believe that this finger contained a vein leading directly to the heart.

Goldex engagement rings are probably the jewellery pieces in our collection that retailers love the most. For years, we have been one of the largest suppliers of this type of jewellery in Europe.

Goldex engagement rings are single or double to comply with the Anglo-Saxon tradition that says that you need to give two rings, one to promise you are going to tie the knot, and the other one to confirm the engagement.

The pairs of engagement rings have a harmonious design and are meant to be worn together.

Like the crosses, Goldex engagement rings are manufactured by casting and therefore they are very light. In general, our rings are adorned with Swarovsky and micro-pavé crystals, but we are able to satisfy any request you might have regarding the ring structure or any other stone you might like.

The weight of one single 18kt ring goes from 0.5 to 5 grams. You can choose among 18kt, 14kt, 10kt or 9kt, yellow, white or rose gold.

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